Photo by: Taahir Matthews

The sensational and multi-talented Jeremy Loops is bringing his WAVES tour to Ballito, hosted by Marriott Ballito Beats.

We sat down with Jeremy to chat about his new album Critical As Water.

What inspired your new album Critical As Water? Does the name of your new album relate to the water crisis in your hometown, Cape Town at all?

The water crisis at home in Cape Town didn’t inspire the album’s name, but it’s pretty apt. Water’s a huge theme throughout the album, and it’s obviously a truism that few things in life are as critical as water is, but this theme speaks in two ways. Firstly, how it’s critical to me in centering and motivating me, and then how it’s critical in a broader context. Water’s mentioned all over this album, so this felt like the appropriate title.

Tell us about your new album, what we can expect, are there new sounds, styles, collaborations with other artists?

There’s always new sounds. I take my song writing really seriously and I’m writing all the time, and I think I’ve improved significantly since Trading Change came out. No new front-facing collaborations, but I got the chance to work with some incredible producers. Will Hicks produced the bulk of my album, and he’s done some great stuff! He actually produced Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ and it began blowing up as we were doing the bulk of the recording for my album. Will’s personal success was a huge asset while we were making Critical As Water because he was relaxed and confident. And producers who trust themselves in high pressure situations tend to make good judgement calls, and it’s all translated really well to my album.

Ok Jeremy, tell us, you’re hosting a dinner party, who are your three invited guests?

Only three! Come on, everyone is invited! I’ve kind of killed off this idea of meeting your heroes in contrived situations. I think the idea of role models is dangerous because nobody is infallible, and what could be worse than a hero bitterly disappointing you at a dinner party for four of all places? So, the more doors we open and the more success I see and the more access I have, the more inward I look to what’s always kept me together as a person.

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