Toys R Us Launches Newly Refurbished Gateway Store

Iconic African toy and baby retailer celebrated the opening of its “new look” flagship superstore in Gateway Theatre of Shopping over the weekend. The much anticipated launch of the refurbished store is a thrilling addition to Gateway’s strong retail collection of family-friendly stores and further enhances its position as a destination mall for families and friends. Occupying 2 400 square metres of space, after a month long refurbishment project the flagship store’s prominent and colorful entrance frontage, is set to delight shoppers, even before they step into the store with a vibrant display that evokes an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Quite different from most toy stores, the Toys R Us and Babies R Us proposition is refreshingly unique. The store features a stellar line-up of well-loved toys, including an array of fascinating products, ranging from the traditional to the high-tech. Best known for evoking the joy of play, Toys R Us has captivated the imagination of parents and children for decades and now invites visitors into a magical kids’ haven that brings enchanting toys to life to delight both children and adults. The entrance halls buzzed with excitement as customers eagerly waited outside hoping to be first in line to experience the store’s new look and offerings.

TRU Gateway1

Children stopped in amazement to admire the life-size replica of the Incredible Hulk, which towers over the store’s entrance. “We are incredibly excited and proud of the new-look store. In addition to enhancing our customers’ experience, the store’s new design incorporates a strong emphasis on play and interaction,” says Nicole Annells, Marketing Manager, Toys R Us South Africa. Children are invited to explore and unleash their imagination with the inclusion of new store features such as the Lego, Fast Lane, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Thomas the Train themed play areas. In addition to the charm of model Lego characters, the specially created themed area invites children to play in-store and craft their own masterpieces.

Another great attraction was the innovative conversion of the shelves containing Fastlane merchandise into a customized replica truck.  The store also boasts interactive Barbie and Hotwheels areas, which incorporate demonstration screens into the aisles. These display the latest products, demos and brand related shows and movies. The retailer has also ensured convenient navigation in-store for customers including easily visible signage categorising products by theme or toy type. “Our goal was for our customers to enjoy their shopping experience, so our priority was convenience, accessibility and fun for all who visit the store. It is, therefore, extremely rewarding to receive such a positive response from our customers.” says Annells.

TRU Gateway2

Laughter, music and a hive of activity resonated through the store as children flocked to the play areas, which were introduced for the launch. Here children were able to play with figurines, design jewellery or mould play dough creations while their parents browsed the aisles. A live broadcast by popular Durban radio station, East Coast Radio added to the excitement as popular DJ and new mum, Zaba Simbine entertained shoppers with competitions and in-store giveaways. Iconic characters including The Transformer’s Bumblebee, Mr Monopoly, Play-Doh Doh Doh and Zoe Trent (Littlest Petshop Dog) and the retailer’s famous mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe came to life, entertaining their fans with dance and games. Children also had the opportunity to capture the moment with their favorite toy character and even receive their autographs.


The combined Toys R Us and Babies R Us store is the retailer’s largest store in KwaZulu-Natal.

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