Red Frogs Jump into Action

Red Frogs Jump into Action

Saturday 24th November saw the arrival of the Red Frogs 2012 volunteers in Durban. Matric exams are coming to an end and the school leavers are starting to arrive in the Matric Rage hotspots around South Africa.

The Red Frogs teams are situated in Ballito, Umhlanga and Plettenberg Bay this year, and their presence has already been noticed. The combination of stress from Matric final exams and the need to explore their new found freedom can often lead to unfortunate circumstances, some of which the Red Frogs presence has assisted in preventing in previous years.

This weekend the Red Frogs jumped in to action, and although the streets of Ballito and Umhlanga were quiet the Red Frogs hotline (076 733 3764) was still the number to call. The matrics who are already on holiday have made pancake bookings and have trusted the Red Frogs to walk them home and help their friends. On one occasion this weekend a group of girls woke to uncontrollable banging on their hotel room door. Afraid of who might be trying to get into their room, their first reaction was to call the Red Frogs and the Police, knowing that they could trust the Red Frogs to help them out.

The Red Frogs are prepared for the influx of matric students over the next two weeks and the teams are so grateful for every bit of support that has been shown to them. Every donation and encouraging word has assisted in making Red Frogs 2012 possible and the resources received are sure to once again enable the Red Frogs to be a support to the these matrics, while safeguarding a generation! The Red Frogs have a 24 hour call centre which matrics can call in any situation. The number to save is 076 RED FROG (733 3764).

The Red Frogs are a trained volunteer group who aim to provide a positive presence within these party environments. Alcohol fuelled decisions can have a lasting effect on these matrics and the Red Frogs aim to create a space for the matrics to have fun, while ensuring their safety is of utmost importance. Red Frogs have a number of activities that make this possible, like making free pancakes for matrics in their hotel rooms or homes, the teams walk between the clubs ensuring there are no girls or boys walking alone, they hand out red frog sweets and build relationship with the matrics, gaining trust and friendship, and they provide assistance in any situation, no matter how big or small.

If you would like more information, contact Paul Rowney (National Director) at or visit our website for safety tips, advice for parents and how to get involved. You can also LIKE our Facebook page  and follow us on Twitter @RedFrogsSA for daily safety tips and updates.


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