Photographers to look out for – Danelle Terblanche

Photographers to look out for – Danelle Terblanche

In the tenth and, probably, last instalment of Photographers to look out for, in which we have been profiling the best of Ballito’s photographers — professionals who we think you should make use of when capturing that next special moment — we are featuring Danelle Terblanche from Graphic Guru’s, a design and photographic company. Best known for having fun and creating a relaxing environment for her clients, to her it is all about catching the natural moments and not just the posed ones. With a love for all things creative and a background in graphic design, she has cemented her position as a great photographer, with big things still to come. With husband in tow, Danelle specialises in weddings, family and corporate photography.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m an amazingly attractive, young, upcoming candidate set to take over the world of design and photography — joking! But I am passionate. I believe in simplicity and try to apply it in every area of my life. Simplicity is the key to excellence. I feed on inspiration, colours and people and my husband and I are constantly searching for new ideas and ways to meet new people. Photography might be a business, but it is also a way of reaching people and changing lives, which is another thing that I strive for in everything that I do.

How long have you been a photographer?

Going on for the fourth year now.

What or who got you started in photography and did you study?

Four years ago I was approached by a couple who wanted a family shoot. Without a camera or any experience in photography, I offered to do the shoot for them. I used a friend’s camera and played around with it a bit before meeting them. They were very happy with the photos and had about 10 canvasses made for their house, so I figured that I could do this thing. After that I took a few short photography courses and said ‘yes’ to every opportunity!

What gives you ideas or inspires you to create your imagery?

Whoow — inspiration is all over! Life is beautiful! I can’t give credit to one thing or person for our inspiration and ideas. The Internet, magazines, interesting people and experiences, sunsets, daydreaming and drawing in the sand… everything is inspiring and everything is right on our doorstep!

How would you describe your style?

We have a ‘free’ style. Our photos are mostly natural, as you have said, and you can see that in the photos. A couple could look straight at the camera and pose for a photo but then laught out loud about how awkward it feels and those are the moments that we like to capture. Or, doing a family shoot and getting the group shot, but then also getting the little boy eating sand in the corner, completely unaware of the camera.

What type of cameras do you shoot with?

We both shoot with Nikons, not because we are apposed to Cannon, but after my first family shoot I was blessed with a Nikon D300 and started building on our equipment from there.

How important is Photoshop in your final images?

Not too important. When we meet our couple or family, we go through their expectations for the shoot and I, being the one who edits the photos, will tell them beforehand that we don’t edit photos to look like magazine covers. I will edit small things here and there and, if someone feels uncomfortable about a scar, I can remove it, but we do nothing that’s not natural. Most of the editing is done in Lightroom, just to play with colour options and contrasts.

Destination you’ve always wanted to shoot at?

Definitely India and we are planning to go there in December. We are taking the bare minimum so that we can take ALL our photography equipment.

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