Ballito Beaches

Willards Beach is the main bathing beach with Bog & Surfers to the south and Sunrise to the north, the very popular surfing and body boarding spots. These beaches are protected by shark nets and have qualified life guards on duty during the day.( do not forget sun protection)

A 15 minute walk south of Willards Beach you will come across Clarke Bay with its rocky pools on either side of the beach area. Lifeguards and shark nets are provided for your protection at this beach as well.

Due south of Clarke Bay you will find Ballito’s Tidal Pool built on Ballito Point in between the rocks. Here you should have a very refreshing dip as fresh sea water flows into the pool on the high tides. You will also notice a variety small fish while swimming in the pool. (Caution should be taken when there is heavy surf action).

Ballito Point at times has a good left break for the surfers into Salmon Bay.

Salmon Bay is home to one of the North Coast oldest Ski Boat launch sites. Frequented by Ski Boat, Jet Ski and Paddle Ski fishermen who catch a large varietyof fish. This ledgendary bay is one of the most productive areas for rock and surf angler. Fishing from the north or south rocky points or from the beach something is bound to happen.

Thompsons Bay is situated between Ballito and Chakas Rock along Ocean Drive. To the south of Thompson Bay you will find a hole in the rocks which leads to two small bays. To the north you will see Chakas High Rock which is a very popular fishing spot for the experenced angler. This beach is in a cove, giving it more protection from the wind. There are shark nets and life guards in attendance at this beach too.

Saltrock Beach is home to Salt Rock Surf Life Saving Club. The beach stretches from Catfish Rocks to Salt Rock tidal pool and further north to Tiffany’s beach. SaltRock Beach is always popular with the surfers, bathers and paddle ski fishermen, while Tiffany’s is one of the favoured surfing and diving beaches.Tiffany’s does not have any shark nets, while Salt Rock does have both shark nets and life guards on duty.

Chaka’s Rock Tidal Pool is found at the bottom of a passage from the intersection of Ocean Drive and Chakas Rock Main Road. On a low tide while scrambling over the rocks and pools you will be amazed at the amount of sea creatures that live and inhabit these rock out crops.

North of the Tidal pool you will discover an outlaying crop of rocks known as Catfish Rocks. A popular area to swim and fish at low tides as the rocks give you some protecetion from the surf.