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Umhlanga News | October 8, 2015

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I’ll do it…tomorrow

08/10/2015 |

‘Should I do it now? No, I still have time I’ll do it tomorrow.’ Well ‘tomorrow’ is not a day of the week, now is it?

Procrastinators put off things for ‘tomorrow’ just for the sake of it; procrastination makes easy … Read More

Get involved in giving

06/10/2015 |

East Coast Radio’s Toy Story with Game kicked off this morning, with celebrities and sports stars attending the launch at the station’s headquarters in Umhlanga.  The annual CSI campaign is aimed at giving joy by providing every child in a … Read More

Very superstitious…

30/09/2015 |

Piece by Kwazi Dlamini – FabMags Intern

Every sportsman and woman has a way of avoiding bad luck in sports. If you play sport, there has to be one thing you do that you know brings you that extra bit of … Read More

Three reasons we LOVED Trevor Noah’s debut

29/09/2015 |

Well…last night was the big night. Don’t even ask ‘what big night’ (what rock have you been under?)

Last night, OUR boy (yes, ours) Mister Trevor Noah made his scintillating debut as the host of multiple Emmy Award-winning The Daily … Read More

Head up, get up…behind our boys!

23/09/2015 |

Piece by Kwazi Dlamini – FabMags Intern


It takes courage.  It takes belief.  It takes having a positivity. It takes having a never-say-die attitude even when your team is losing – … Read More

How much is too much?

22/09/2015 |

Piece by Kwazi Dlamini – FabMags Intern 

Henry Rollins said “What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup!” That is what I have witnessed in the FabMags office: one cup of coffee is always followed by another.

It’s my first … Read More